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01Our Story

We've spent years working for everything from startups to enterprise businesses, in agencies and as freelancers. When the pandemic hit and turned the world upside down, we noticed a renewed focus on positive social and environmental impact projects. We love this trend and want to help you leave a net positive mark on the world.

We're always researching ethical platforms and how to minimise our environmental footprint — every decision your company takes changes the world somehow. We can help you make sure it's a positive one.

We're based in Melbourne, Australia, as are most of our partners. But you don't have to be Melbourne-based to work with us. We've worked with organisations in Australia, Europe and North America. No matter where you're located, we're here to help.


02Our Services

We work with everything from ecommerce brands and publishers to businesses looking for a marketing site. We can help you create a website that's easy to use, fast, secure and reliable.

Our speciality is headless. We help you cherry pick the services and platforms you need to make your site a success.



Web apps



03Why Headless?

A headless site can help you work around platform limitations. It decreases the attack vector, keeping your business and your customers secure from malicious hackers.

Headless allows us to use the most recent tech, providing a lightning fast, reliable experience for your visitors, decreasing bounce rate and increasing sales.



Want proof that we know what we’re talking about? You don’t have to take our word for it. See what others have said about us.

Catherine Kirby

Catherine Kirby

CEO & Founder of 2eHub & Kids Like Us

I’ve engaged Hyperlane for multiple projects and I am extremely satisfied with the work they have carried out on each of the sites, and the attention to detail to ensure that the original outcomes of the projects were achieved.

Hampus Carlsson

Hampus Carlsson

Owner & Artist at Mammas Källare Tattoo Studio

Sustainability and ethical responsibility are close to our hearts as a vegan tattoo studio. So it was important to us that we teamed up with an ethically minded agency to build our site. Extra bonus that it stands out from the crowd.


05Our Approach

We believe that the project should dictate the platform — not the other way around.

We use a modern approach to development where we look at the needs of your project and use the services and platforms that are best suited to your unique problems.

That's why we love working with Sanity.io. As the most flexible headless CMS on the market it allows us to build absolutely anything. We've used it for all kinds of projects, from ecommerce sites connected to Shopify or BigCommerce, to marketing sites and web apps. We're yet to run into the limitations of Sanity and our partners love the editing experience it provides.

Your visitors are becoming more and more privacy aware and so are we. We help you select a privacy-first visitor analytics platform that doesn't compromise on the quality of data that most businesses need.

We design and build your site mobile-first. Because anything else is unforgivable. Everyone searches on their mobile devices more than anything else. We help you meet your customers where they are.


06Contact us

We’d love to hear about your ideas. Drop us a line below with a brief description of your project and we’ll go from there.